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Adopt a comfortable posture to practice mindfulness meditation

To learn to meditate, it is advisable to start seated: you can either sit on the front of a chair, without leaning against the backrest, or sit on a cross-legged cushion (if you are comfortable, the posture is comfortable for you, as it may require some practice.).

The right position to adopt:

Keep your back rather straight, but not tense (not on the backrest if you are on a chair) Place your feet flat on the ground, to feel well anchored, if you are on a chair Put your hands flat on your thighs Your shoulders are a little forward Relax the body well, but stand straight, on your vertebrae (to be awake, and not fall asleep during the session…) Close your eyes, or leave them half open if you prefer Imagine you have a wire overhead, straightening you

Start with short meditation sessions

The objective of this practice with multiple benefits for the body and the mind, is to integrate it into your daily life, by establishing a certain regularity. No question of putting pressure on yourself, to feel the first benefits of mindfulness meditation, and to tame this practice, start very short, it is not necessary to meditate for 5 hours! To start, you can opt for sessions of 5 to 10 minutes on an application, and extend the meditation time as you go, if you wish.

Familiarize yourself with your breath, to be in the moment

One of the basics of meditation is the observation of the breath. To start, you can simply take a few minutes during the day, to observe your breath, your inhalation, your exhalation, how the column of air passes through you... To help you, you can count your breath. Just by following your breathing, you will be able to realize that we can observe more serenely what is happening in your mind: I have seen this thought pass, I come back to the breath, another thought passes, I come back again to my breath… Don't hesitate to do it 100 times if necessary. The idea is to be in the present moment, whether your mind is very restless or not, it is possible, by simply following the breath!

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