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Take the hard work out of your Reiki business


This truly is the ultimate Reiki business – right from the attunement process to the marketing.


Everything you will need to get your online or offline Reiki healing business up and running:


If you want to start your own Reiki Training School or are already teaching Reiki but would like an easier or more professional look for your business, then look no further.


This excellent high quality package will help you deliver your Reiki training to all your students- online and offline with ease. The ultimate Reiki Training Reseller Package contains manuals, audio and video course material that allows you to add your own Training School details.


Just Imagine Being Able To:


Brand the training materials with your own personal Reiki training school details

Set your own prices

Sell as many copies of any of the contents as you like and keep ALL the Profits.

Print or copy to disc and sell at mind, body & spirit fairs

Give to your Reiki students attending your Reiki workshops


…And that’s just for starters!


Join the list of satisfied customers quietly making a living from their passion


And Not Only That, But:


– this is a complete business in a box


– you can sell on your own terms to students, the general public or other practitioners

offer a service to other companies


– gain the independent So, what exactly do you get?


– Level 1 Reiki Manual

– Powerpoint presentation for the degrees 1 of Reiki covering all lessons

– certificates templates for level 1 of Reiki

– different certificates templates for level 1 of animal Reiki

– different lineage certificates

– mp3 audio lessons for level 1 of Reiki

– mp4 video lessons to accompany  Reiki 1 degree

– 30 posters a3 + a4


Reiki Rebrand Level 1

Excluding Sales Tax