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Healing practice, Personal development & Spiritual discipline



I am Martin Danderfer, Certified Qi Gong Instructor.

Certified Mindfulness life Coach and Meditation Teacher.

Sensei in Reiki Jitsu and  Shihan of Komyo Reiki-do. 

Certified Health and Nutrition life Coach, specialized in Ketogenic Diet and Profesional Chef.


My Linage in Qi Gong:

Chen Zhenglei - Jesse Tsao - Victor Fernandez - Martin Danderfer

My Linage in Usui Reiki Ryoho:

Mikao Usui - Hayashi - Yamaguchi -Inamoto - Victor Fernandez - Martin Danderfer. 

Mikao Usui - Taketomi Katachi - Kimiko Koyama - Hiroshi Doi - Frans Stiene - Torsten A. Lange - Martin Danderfer


I believe that health, wellbeing and happiness can be attained and maintained through Meditation, Qi Gong practices and personal development. 

I am Founder of Martin Danderfer Wellbeing Centre to share my knowledge with you to create a more beautiful      and happy world where we can live in peace.