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What Positive Effects Qi Gong Has On The Mind, Body And Spirit

The ultimate goal of practicing qi gong should be with the intention of achieving a state of well being where the body is strong, healthy, vital, and well balanced.

As for the mind achieving the state of increased energy, sharpness and a sense of general relax and calmness with one’s self and the surroundings is the goal. All this will contribute to the strength of the immune system which in turn will help to keep negatives away.

If one is impatient for fast results of perfect health then this is not a good way to go as qi gong is really about strengthening the whole body system by addressing the details of the underlying cause of illness and by treating the specifics involved at the root levels.

All this is done without any medicinal side effects. Some of the expected outcomes supported by the practice of qi gong on a regular basis are as listed below: 

Limits the stress build-ups 

Decreases the possibility of experiencing fatigue anxiety and frustration 

Enhances self confidence 

Allows for positive personal growth 

Prevents illnesses and reduces the levels of chronic pains 

Improves the immune system 

Allows for better control over physical and emotional distress 

Heighten levels of awareness and concentration 

Energizer in both athletically foray and intellectual devilling 

Better sleep patterns 

Generally a better zest for life A lot of scientific research has been done on the merits of practicing qi gong and it has been favourably noted as the most holistic approach to the complete well being on the practicing individual.

Deceptively easy looking is not an advantage because once learned it really is easy to follow.

The basic elements of moving the qi energy is what makes this different from most other “exercise” rituals. The benefits to the circulatory system and gently relaxing the joints and tendons while connecting spiritually is where the success of this technique lies.

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