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The 5 Principles Of Reiki

Reiki has five principles that it uses regardless of the type of Reiki one practices. These 5 principles are known as the Gokai or Reiki Principle Precepts. The 5 principles are ideas that serve as a foundation by which the Reiki Practitioner lives their life in accordance with the Universal Life force. The reason is that in order to promote peace and harmony and heal the planet ultimately one must apply these principles daily so they can open themselves up to the Universal Life Force that resides in their beings as well. Because there are many variations in the systems of Practice of Reiki the wording of the 5 principles may vary but their meanings are the same nonetheless. The 5 principles are keys that help build the foundation of the Spiritual Practice of Reiki.

Although they sound simple enough for one to actually live one's life by the 5 principles is hard at times. This is mainly because the world we live in as a whole does not reinforce the 5 principles and many of the actions in the world actually negate them. It is however found by those who do attempt to incorporate the 5 principles daily that the more they live them the more harmonious their lives become within themselves and then as a reflection to the rest of the world. These 5 principles are put into action as the Reiki's practitioner's mindset.

Each one of the 5 principles starts with the word or has “Today” in it. This is because one of the ideas is that one has to focus on the moment to live in it and it is the current moment that dictates the future.

Also by living the principle in the moment it allows you to forgive yourself and those that did not in the previous moment. It also allows you to adjust that behavior so you go into the next moment living that principle.

Here are the original words that the 5 principles were translated into. These are Usui's (the man who spread Reiki and the 5 principles throughout the world) original words that set the base as the 5 principles:

Today you can find the five principles that read like this:

Just for today I will not be angry

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will be grateful

Just for today I do my work honestly

Just for today I will be kind to every living thing

There are of course variations to these 5 basic ideas but you will find that the majority have the words Just and Today because the idea of living from moment to moment is the foundation of the philosophy that it is founded on.

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