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Reiki Levels Of Attunement

In order to practice Reiki on others one has to have what is called an attunement. An attunement is a ceremony that is given to a Reiki student upon completion of a level of study in Reiki. In an attunement ceremony the Reiki master passes on the Universal Life Force Energy from the Master to the student. After the attunement the student now has that energy implanted in their being for the rest of their lives. They can then use that energy to heal others and themselves.

Reiki Level One mainly benefits the physical body. It opens the body up on all levels so it can channel the Universal Life Force Energy that is used in the healing, balancing, purification and protection treatments that Reiki offers. In Level One Reiki the history of Reiki is taught as well as hand positions. Depending on the Reiki system there can be one to four attunements in Level One Reiki. This Level allows the Energy to flow from your hands. It also opens the student's heart to the universal flow of love that Reiki embodies. It is Level One Reiki that is the foundation of all the other Reiki levels and practices so it is recommended that the student master Level One before moving on to the next level. Level One is about healing one's self for the most part.

Level 2 Reiki and Attunement benefits the subtle body which is the spiritual body that mirrors us as in our aura. It is here the student learns the symbols used in Reiki. The main ones taught in this level are the power symbol, the mental or emotional symbol and the distance symbol. These symbols focus the Universal Energy for those specific purposes. This Level gives the student a higher level of attunement and energy vibrations. In this level the student can better heal emotional and mental issues as well as travel across time and distance to heal. Level 2 Reiki usually has only one attunement ceremony. This level has the greatest effect on the subtle body also known as the aura.

Level 3 is a Mastery Level. In some systems Level 3 is the Master Level in others One final attunement after this is given for Master. Once a person is at Level 3 and has the appropriate attunements, they can now teach Reiki as well. In order to pass level three the student has to know the hand positions, the symbols and how to pass attunement on to others. In Level 3 the practice and understanding of Reiki is at a much deeper level than the other two levels.

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