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Frases de Reiki – The Term Means?

It's certainly an adventure to try and learn all the frases de reiki when you are just starting out. The terms at first mean nothing but a jumble of words. However there are many places on the Internet you can find frases de reiki to help you understand what they mean.

The first frases de reiki you will likely run across is the term attunement. This simply put are the adjustments made by the reiki master to the students energy body to allow reiki energy to flow through them. The energy of course is coming from a higher power and will assist them in healing themselves and others using reiki energy. Attunements provide an instant and direct connection to the Universe.

You might also hear the frases de reiki that involves mention of the word aura. This refers to the bio-magnetic energy field around your body and the bodies of every living thing on this earth. During the course of your studies you will also come across the frases de reiki beaming. This is used when you heal someone that you can see, but are unable to do hands on reiki for. It is also used to clear a room of any negative energy prior to a treatment.

Since reiki is about healing, you will run across the frases de reiki that mentions byosen and byosen reikan ho scanning. Byosen is the energy or feeling from the source of an illness or injury. Call it a hotspot or a dip in the energy field of the client if you will. Byosen reikan ho scanning is using your hands to scan a person's physical body and aura. This will tell you where you need to work, where healing is needed.

At the master practitioner level you will hear the frases de reiki that makes mention of a crystal grid. This basically is a method of creating a sacred space or healing using a specific formation of charged quartz crystals.

Most definitely when you get further along in your studies, the frases de reiki dealing with distant attunements will pop up. This is when a Reiki Master carries out the attunement process on a Reiki student across space and time. This is different than a distance healing which is used to give Reiki healing across time and space, and this can be used in the past, present or future.

If you run across the term empowerment, this is what it means. Empowerments are different from attunements because they raise the frequency of the student a little at a time, where as attunements offer a direct connection to the energy source. For example, Usui-Sensai used empowerments for those students he saw frequently. For those he didn't see very often, he would use attunements.

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