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Dr Usui Taught His Students the Gassho Meditation

Dr. Mikao Usui taught a meditation called the Gassho Meditation. This meditation was practiced at

the beginning of every Reiki workshop and meeting.

Usui, instructed his students to practice the meditation each morning and evening for 5-20 minutes.

Gassho is so simple, that anyone can practice it alone or in a group meditation.

I recommend you try it; then only if you enjoy it and find it beneficial, commit to practicing it

every day for at least thirty days. During this time you could also keep a Meditation Journal to record your experiences with Gassho, and details of any benefits you have noticed over the course of the month. Many find the Gassho Meditation brings more focus and clarity into their lives and enables them to become more relax, centred and more productive and creative during in their daily life.

The Gassho Meditation (Take Time out 5-20 Minutes a Day)

• Sit down, close your eyes and place hands together in front of your chest (prayer position).

• Focus your attention at the point where the two middle fingers meet.

• Let go of everything else. If your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought, let it go and just

refocus returning to the point where your middle fingers meet.

• Repeat the five reiki principles either aloud or internally.

• If you find it uncomfortable to hold your hands in Gassho for 5-20 minutes, simply let your

hands (kept together) slowly drop down onto your lap finding a more comfortable position to

continue the meditation.

• You may observe energy in the form of heat, cold or images, just let it go and return your

focal point to the tips of your two middle fingers.

• If you need to adjust your posture; move slowly, deliberately and consciously. It is easier and

better to meditate with a straight spinal column, keeping your head still.

• If you suffer from back problems or find it difficult to sit still; try sitting on a straight back

chair with a few pillows for comfort.

• Alternatively, you can sit on the floor on a few cushions with your back against a wall. You

could even meditate while lying down or a sofa or bed, but you may find you fall asleep,

which at night is OK, but in the morning could leave you late for work or other engagements.

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