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Chair Yoga

There are a lot of forms of yoga, and although Chair Yoga is not formally recognized as a yoga type, it is generally used to identify a milder yoga form which is performed through being seated in a chair or the use of a chair as support while standing. It is distinct from other yoga forms such as Ashtanga or Lyengar yoga; however, the asanas or poses of chair yoga are frequently adaptations of the poses from Hatha yoga. Chair Yoga is one of the most simple of yoga practices where the complicated maneuvers and inversions of most formal yoga classes are not necessary.

Often, people who practice chair yoga are not able to participate in conventional yoga classes because of disabilities or aging effects. Classes for chair yoga are sometimes obtainable at retirement facilities, day care centers for adults, and fitness centers for seniors. It is generally taught as a means to achieve mental and physical fitness, and not as a way of life like the majority of the Western world’s yoga classes. In this respect, it is considered as a more comprehensive exercise as it integrates proper breathing and meditation, on top of the physical exercise.

A good number of people in chair yoga classes have issues with their health, and a lot of them are practicing it because of recommendations given by health professionals handling their conditions. A good teacher of Chair Yoga would be aware of the limitations a student may have, and give the appropriate class suitable for the student.

These classes not only provide a healthy physical activity, but also give a social activity which helps in the positive stimulation of the body and mind, making it an uplifting action that students look forward to. Regular practice and presence, as well as socializing in the classes, is an activity that leads to better health and creating strong relationships.

It also opens opportunities for seniors to the various activities that go on within the community center, such as being exposed to nutritional education and whole health as a member of a wellness center, community or senior center. Most importantly, participants learn to quiet and relax the mind through meditation, breath awareness, stage-by-stage relaxation, and other methods included in the classes.

The health benefits that Chair Yoga has brought to a lot of people with health issues have been countless, and it has continued to increase popularity not only among senior citizens and disabled people, but health professionals as well, making it among the recommended health rehabilitations for their patients.

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