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A method to invite happiness.

Reiki is a spiritual practice founded in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist Monk by the name of Mikao Usui. It is premised on the idea of Ki or Qi which is the body’s vital energy force, and its alignment and free flowing in our bodies to keep us healthy. The practice uses the hands to transfer the Ki of the Reiki practitioner to the one receiving the Reiki. It is likened to the laying on of hands.

Reiki practitioners feel if the life force or Ki is low then a person can feel stress, tension and illness both mentally and physically. If the Ki flows highly and freely in our bodies then it promotes optimum health, happiness and well-being. Reiki is considered an alternative medicine and a spiritual healing form. It utilizes vibrations that are transferred from the practitioner to the person receiving the treatment via the practitioner's hands. This is to create homeostasis balance and an overall sense of wellbeing in the person receiving the Reiki.

Unresolved or chronic stress is found to be the underlying cause for many illnesses both physical and psychological. When one undergoes a Reiki treatment, the Reiki practitioner uses Ki to realign the person receiving the Reiki treatment's bio field and their physical body into a harmonious state.

It is believed that through the client’s relaxed state that the mind and body realign themselves through the assistance of the direction of Ki through the practitioner's hands. Some people experience immediate changes others need a few sessions before they start to feel the benefits of Reiki healing.

Reiki is considered a natural method of healing by generating and stimulating the universal life force we have. The practitioner either places their hands lightly on or above various areas of the patient’s body to facilitate the transfer of Ki. During the treatment, the persons own healing responses are supposed to be stimulated.

Reiki which is indeed a form of energy healing involves the direct application of Ki (Chinese spell it Qi) for the purpose of strengthening the clients energy field or aura. Both Science and people who are spiritual both believe that the underlying reason for the healing is thought as the form of energy stimulation. This concept can be found in both Quantum Physics and various forms of Mysticism and ancient systems of metaphysics. With this in mind it also answers the idea of some illness that occur with no physical reason for them. An example would be a person who is sick and prays and suddenly the illness begins to subside. The more they pray the better they become. The pray sends out the intent to wish to cure the illness as a thought form, the power of that thought form reinforce by the belief in it helps constitute a change.

Reiki sets out to “cure” the person's state of being to affect a change for the better. Reiki operates on the level of the solidification of an energy form. This was explained by Einstein’s concept that each unit of mass is equivalent to a certain amount of energy. This is the level of which Reiki works at. Reiki believes anything can be changed because all things are fluid like and very malleable.

Reiki heals by restoring the physical form as closely to the idea form of ourselves that we can get.

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