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21 day Yoga Challenge.

  • 21Days
  • 25Steps


21 Day Yoga Challenge is designed by Lacey Powell Fitness and Dance, GFI, CPT, CMT, CBT, RSMFC. Program Details: ● GOAL: To introduce yoga postures and practices; develop inner awareness; focus on breath; build strength, flexibility, and mobility throughout the body; and bring attention to mindful practices in the present moment. ● CLASSES: Core, Balance, Strength, Mobility/Flexibility, Sun Salutations, Gentle Restorative, and Mini Classes designed for morning wakeup, evening release, or mid - day burn. ● FITNESS LEVEL: Geared to wards all fitness levels. Yoga is a practice of being aware of one’s capabilities and extensions. ● LOCATION: Designed for small spaces ● EQUIPMENT: Yoga Mat. Additional Equipment can be yoga straps, bolsters, yoga blocks, blankets, pillows, chairs, etc. ● WORKOUT CALENDAR: This is a three - week program, repeated every seven days. Each day has a specific theme/goal (listed on the calendar)

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