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Meditation: Self Enlightenment Program.

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Meditation has many rewards, and we will now consider one of extreme value. Through daily practice of meditation, you will release the unlimited potential of your mind. Among the documented benefits of meditation are less anxiety, decreased depression, reduction in irritability and moodiness, better learning ability and memory and greater creativity. That's just for starters. Then there is slower aging (possibly due to higher DHEA levels), feelings of vitality and rejuvenation, less stress (actual lowering of cortisol and lactate levels), rest (lower metabolic and heart rate), lower blood pressure, and higher blood oxygen levels. MEDITATION PROGRAMA INCLUDE: GUIDED MEDITATION -Building confidence guided meditation. -Gratitude, appreciation and empathy guided meditation. -Cultivating gratitude and joy guided meditation. -Calming exhalation guided meditation. -Building confidence guided meditation. -Body scan guided meditation. -A sky-like mind guided meditation BINAURAL BEATS -Healing state binaural beats. -Inner healing binaural beats. -Higher self connection binaural beats. And my Book; Meditation: The Guide To Self Enlightenment. Meditation allows us an easy, convenient, portable method to enter into those lost natural rhythms and aesthetics, by closing out the world around us, letting go of our bodies, and clearing the mind of all the artificial stress it gathers knowingly or unknowingly during the course of lives.

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